NARE Capital is a premier Advisory company with a Pan African focus.

Nares’ key interests are on high growth sectors including G Infrastructure, Information Technology, Retail, Property and Construction, Financial Services, Food and Allied, Manufacturing, Energy and Mining. Nare is a medium sized organization with large capabilities. The depth of in house financial, technical, legal and investor relations expertise means that Nare provides the best possible solution for our clients. Nare’s extensive knowledge and hands on experience with Sub Saharan Africa’s socio-economics as well as other sectors gives us a competitive edge. We can successfully do transactions in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, DRC, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Angola, UAE, Hong Kong, UK and the USA.

Undertaking transactions in today’s challenging environment requires a well-established network, knowledge, skill and experience. Well-planned strategies with coordinated presentations, research, constant vigilance and back-up planning are essential. Nare is the team with the experience, knowledge, network and competencies to give our clients the support they need.

Nare can facilitate fund baskets from various global private funders for strategic investments within Africa. We create shareholder value by successfully uniting a combination of assets, financial backing, technical strength and marketing support throughout the corporate circle.

Financial Services, Government Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Information Communication Technology (ICT),Retail stack-overflow waves Property Development & Construction;,Mining, Energy (Coal-Oil- Gas- Biomass and Renewable Energy) ,Healthcare stack-overflow waves”

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