About Us

Isiphethu is a group of companies with a focus on providing innovative project solutions, technologies and services within the water, mining and built environment sectors.

The group is based in Centurion, South Africa, but operates across a variety of sectors throughout Southern Africa (throughout SADC countries) and across the globe.

Founded by a number of like-minded entrepreneurial individuals, Isiphethu is a black-owned company that aims to make a difference to the lives and circumstances of people living in diverse communities across South Africa.

Why Choose Us

We choose a hands-on approach when doing business.

We are committed to the development and empowerment of previously disadvantaged South Africans through our corporate social investment programmes.

As an equal-opportunity, merit-based employer, we believe in rewarding employees based on their performance.


Our Statisfied Customers

What they say about us

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Projects Completed
Communities Assisted
Pan African Footprint

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