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Advisory services

Isiphethu offers a variety of consulting services with over 10 years of experience.
We offer expertise in the following areas:


  • Contract management.
  • Legal consulting.
  • Advisory.
  • Performance management.


  • Internal audit services.
  • External audit services.
  • Tax consulting.
  • Accounting services.
  • Compliance services.
  •  Corporate governance.


  • Civil engineering.
  • Mechanical engineering.
  • Electrical engineering.
  • Construction.


Isiphethu provides a range of waste-water network services to national and Municipal service providers with the aim of assisting them to effectively Manage, operate and maintain their systems.
These services include:

  • Status quo assessments and inspections.
  • CCTV sewer inspection.
  • Rapid response to clearing sewer blockages and obstructions.
  • Sewer cleaning and Jetting.
  • Repair or replacement of damaged or deteriorated sewer network.
  • System expansions, including the shallow sewer system.
  • Storm water ingress management.
  • Sewer pump stations.
  • Pollution and quality monitoring.
  • Community awarenes.

Rural Water Sanitation

The provision of water and sanitation to rural communities is a complex taste under the responsibility of under-resourced municipal structures or remote—inexperienced community-based organizations (CBO). Isiphethu has proactively undertaken to assist with the adequate provision of water and sanitation. Services to rural communities and our proud track records in this regard include: 

  • The design, construction, operation, and maintenance of water schemes for the provinces through the DWS.
  • VIP latrine construction, septic tank, and conservancy tanker management.
  • Water tanker management and tracking.
  • Management, operation, and maintenance of small water schemes (boreholes, springs, and package plants) to effective, conversational water treatment and bulk distribution infrastructure.
  • Asset management and maintenance.
  • Emergency water supply.

Potable Water

Isiphethu bulk water services range from small rural water schemes with basic water treatment requirements to large regional schemes requiring. Some or all of the following services and expertise:

  • Extraction (spring, rainwater harvesting, boreholes, rivers, and dams.
  • Pre-chlorination for algae and biological growth control as well as the removal of dissolved iron and manganese.
  • Dissolved air floatation for removal of suspended solids, algae, and oils using various flocculants.
  • Flocculation to improve coagulation and for larger floc formation.
  • Sedimentation for solids settlement and separation.
  • Filtration for removal of remaining suspended solids and carry-over floc.
  • pH correction, softening, and addition of fluorides.
  • Disinfection is either chemical or Ultraviolet (UV).
  • Booster disinfection within a bulk distribution network.
  • Backwash treatment and chemical recovery.
  • Automation, control, and SCADA systems.

Water Demand Management

Isiphethu bulk water services range from small rural water schemes with basic water treatment requirements to large regional schemes requiring. Some or all of the following services and expertise:

  • Systems refurbishment, Upgrade, and expansion.
  • Repair and rehabilitation (Electromechanical, pumping, pipes, and process).
  • System expansion schemes.
  • Turnkey solutions (DBO, BOO, BOT).
  • Commissioning assistant.
  • Feasibility studies, design, project management, construction, and commissioning.
  •  Operation and maintenance services, where required.
  • Compilation of asset inventories.
  • Condition grade surveys.
  • Process audits and skill audits including assessment.
  • Technical audits.
  • Bulk water and waste-water assessment.
  • Legal register audits.
  • Business plan reviews.
  • Workplan assessments.
  • Customer data base and billing system audits or assessments.
  • Tariff assessment.

Recent Projects

Appointment as a contractor for the completion of Hospital Road in Mankweng Phase 1 (Multi-Year Project)

Client: Polokwane Municipality
Completion date: 2022 October

Upgrade and Refurbishment of the Ferrobank Waste Water Treatment Works

Client: Emalahleni Local Municipality
Completion date: 2024 June

Execution of Dry Dock Fire System Upgrade in the Port of Durban

Client: Transnet SOC Ltd
Completion date: 2022 October